Conflict is Costly 

Conflict is a normal part of life in any setting where people are working together. If you're a leader, you regularly feel the responsibility of helping people navigate those conflicts successfully. Conflicts effectively resolved often become the context for creativity and stronger teamwork. Conflicts left unresolved become increasingly costly, consuming more and more of your thought life, time, emotional energy and financial resources - placing significant strain on relationships and distracting you from your mission. I provide consultation and coaching so that you can resolve conflict and stay on mission.




A free phone call so that you can describe what you need and learn about my services.  




Clarify your vision in more detail and prioritize the problems that need to be solved.  




Receive practical insights and action steps for resolving conflict and getting back on mission.


About Steve

Steve Beck has served in organizational leadership for over 20 years, personally experiencing both the barriers and the breakthroughs of interpersonal, workplace and community conflict. He loves helping individuals, families, businesses, and organizations resolve conflicts and build relational skills in a wide variety of cultural, socioeconomic, educational, and religious settings. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and Reformed Theological Seminary, he and his family are currently based in North Carolina.